Musk black Adn 5ml


In our exceptional selection, we couldn't fail to make the sublime and renowned black musk available to you without a moment's hesitation.


In our exceptional selection, we couldn't fail to offer you the sublime and renowned black musk without hesitation. Renowned for its incomparable, age-old scent, we're delighted to let you discover or rediscover this exquisite creation here. Zoom in on black musk right here.

What is black musk? 

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is an exceptional product, not least because of the olfactory rarity of this creation. Black musk offers a fragrance that is as incomparable as it is unforgettable. Its scent is a deliciously balanced reflection of a deeply woody fragrance and a very slightly spicy scent. To put it plainly, this is an oriental scent par excellence, and one that is justly sweet too.

Who is this sublime scent for? 

Whether you're a man or a woman, this exquisite fragrance will be hard to resist. You'll be able to enjoy it for an incredibly long time, whether it's on your clothes, your skin or in your home. Whether it's your home or even your car. Black musk can be enjoyed over and over again! 

Find black musk in a choice selection! 

When you're looking for quality and durability as well as an unrivalled scent, black musk has a strong tendency to stand out. So it's a pleasure to use it in so many olfactory products. For a trip to the ends of the earth, wherever you are.

First and foremost, this musk is best enjoyed in its perfume format, which you can savour from evening to morning! Whether it's the spray or the roll-on version, there's no shortage of pleasure to be had from this olfactory creation. What's more, this musk can also be enjoyed in a fragrant mist, for a fresh, light embalming, and in any situation you desire! 

But that's far from the end of it, because black musk can also be enjoyed in its natural soap format, which we're just as proud to offer in our boutique. Finally, it's just as hard to resist its Arabian Nights charm as a textile spray. 

In short, it's hard not to fall for everything we've carefully selected for you. Especially when each of our choices is based on proven quality.

Our quality selection, for an unrivalled olfactory experience. 

Because we want to offer you only products of proven quality, you're bound to find well-known brands here. On the one hand for their expertise and on the other for their high quality products. In our category dedicated to this sublime creation, you'll find brands such as Adn, EL Nabil and Al Rehab. Oriental perfumery benchmarks. Who know how to serve us with excellence, precisely this famous and luxurious black musk. 


To conclude, don't miss out on everything we've put together for you here. For an unforgettable olfactory experience: a promise your Muslim boutique is sure to keep.


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Musk black Adn 5ml